Curriculum objectives and blueprinting
The Situational Judgement Paper
Tips for the SJP Exam
Example SBA SJP Questions
Essential Background Information
Key Documents
29 Topics
Patient Focus
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Working in a Team
Time Management
Self Awareness
Professional Integrity
Professional Development
Further Reading and Resources

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Welcome to this revision course for the FRCEM Intermediate: Situational Judgement Paper (SJP). 

This revision course aims to provide the learner with the necessary skills and knowledge required to pass the FRCEM Intermediate SJP

The course is blueprinted to the official FRCEM Intermediate Curriculum, with revision notes and over 100 single best answer questions to aid learning. 

Click Single Best Answer Questions under each sub-section to access the question banks. 

Disclaimer: This website/course/company is not affiliated with the Royal College of Emergency Medicine. 

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