Curriculum objectives and blueprinting
The Situational Judgement Paper
Tips for the SJP Exam
Example SBA SJP Questions
Essential Background Information
Key Documents
29 Topics
Patient Focus
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Working in a Team
Time Management
Self Awareness
Professional Integrity
Professional Development
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Tips for the SJP Exam

1 min read

1. Read the vignette carefully ensuring the most appropriate answer is chosen. (Do not over analyse the question).

2. Focus your revision on the domains being tested. The blueprint shows the 8 aspects that are tested. Reading relevant GMC documentation on these aspects will improve your skills and understanding.

3. Read the GMC Guidance Summaries – this will allow candidates to differentiate between the most appropriate and least appropriate responses. See our summary documentation

4. Answer as if you were the examiner – try and select the most appropriate response for that scenario rather than the easiest response

5. Practice lots of questions (as on this website/course) and understand the reasoning for selecting specific responses

6. Stick to time – ensure that you do not run out of time. Be disciplined. If you are stuck on a particular question, circle it and come back to it later. You have two hours to answer 120 single best answer questions. 

7. Answer every question – as there is no negative marking.

8. Answer from only the information provided – as only the key information required for the response will be included in each question. This can ultimately affect the most appropriate response

9. Double check your question paper to ensure the right answer is transcribed on the question paper. 

10. Use deduction to try and eradicate the most inappropriate answers first, so you are left with fewer options. This will help you select the most appropriate answer.