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Background to the FRCEM Intermediate SJP

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In August 2016, the Royal College of Emergency Medicine changed the various components of its post-graduate examinations in order to deliver the Fellowship of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine award (FRCEM).

The components of the FRCEM Examinations from August 2018 are:

  1. FRCEM Primary Examination (Single Best Answer)
  2. FRCEM Intermediate Certificate:
    1. Situational Judgement Paper (Single Best Answer)
    1. Short Answer Question Knowledge Paper
  3. FRCEM Final Examination
    1. Critical Appraisal (Short Answer Question Paper)
    2. Quality Improvement Project (QiP)
    3. Clinical Short Answer Question Paper
    4. Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)

This revision course will focus on the Situational Judgement Paper, which forms part of the FRCEM Intermediate Certificate. (This has replaced the MCEM B and C papers)

The FRCEM Intermediate: SJP examination will be a requirement for all UK EM Trainees in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion of Training (CCT).

Applying for the examination:

Candidates need to apply online, on the Examinations section of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine.


Remember: The opening dates for applying for the examination are usually 4 months before the actual examination.

Dates of the Examination: please see the RCEM Website for official dates.


Price of the examination:

The price is advertised on the RCEM Examinations Website – but is usually £200. (last updated March 2018)

Location of the examination:

The examinations occur throughout the United Kingdom in London, Ireland, Edinburgh, Leeds and Cardiff. (Candidates are advised to book in advance in order to increase likelihood of obtaining their first choice)

Format of the examination:

The SJP consists of 120 single best answer questions over 2 hours. (This is not a traditional situational judgement test which involves ranking or selecting the best three answers)

Maximum number of attempts:

Candidates will have a maximum of 6 attempts for the SJP Examination. Previous attempts for the MRCEM C Paper will not be counted towards the total number of available attempts.

Further information:

Further information is available on the FRCEM Intermediate Examinations Pack.


Sample questions are also provided on the RCEM Website. (note these are examples of ranking questions BUT the examination is single best answer)